ROMWE Fashion

Happy Wednesday loves! I found an online retailer that I wanted to dedicate a whole post too…. I was on Rachel Parcells blog, Pink Peonies, and I saw that she posted about this website. Of course, I immediately went to the site and started ordering. I thought the prices were too good to be true, I was a little skeptical ordering to be honest.

Romwe is all about runway looks made into real way fashion. They take looks that are on the runway and they make knock offs of them. If you are familiar with your designer brands then you will quickly notice the similarities. Before I got carried away with this retailer I decided I would start off only ordering a few items to see how the quality was. I bought a few dresses, tops and a backpack. I ordered 9 items for under $70.. that is amazing if you ask me!

If you order more than $60 I believe you receive free standard shipping. After ordering I received my order confirmation, 2 days later I received an email saying my items have been shipped. Within 6 business days my items were on my door step. I was impressed that they shipped to me so quickly! I figured that if the prices were so low they had to be coming from China, but my shipping label stated it came from Rowland Heights so that was interesting to me.

The quality of the items I ordered was surprisingly really good. The dresses were long enough for me which is usually hard for me to find, the items were not see through, and the material seems durable. I will definitely order from them again! Check out my previous post to see the Chanel knock off backpack I ordered. Read that post here!

I hope you all are having a great week! Thank you for stopping by. If you don’t follow me on social media already go and follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on when I post! @champagneblissblog

XO, Kyn


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